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Elegant Power Systems & Controls Pvt Ltd is one among the ISO 9001:2015 Certified and NABCB Accredited Electrical Control Panel Boards builder having its operation in Bengaluru/Bangalore. Whether your needs are project-based or looking for own use or industrial use we build quality panels as per your requirement, we are focused on optimizing your total cost of ownership by providing quality panels. Elegant Power Systems is focused on quality, continuous improvement and developing long term partnerships with organizations across variety of industries. We work with companies looking to improve quality, optimize their supply chain and drive costs out of their business.
Our approach is to gain an understanding of our clients business and develop strategies to achieve their goals. Our engineering depth and ample capacity allow us to deliver large complex systems from our facilities to PAN INDIA and Abroad. Our volume purchasing power ensures the most competitive material pricing, on time delivery and Service. Our Panels are CPRI Tested.

Elegant Power Systems & Controls Pvt Ltd

Now a days lot of end user struggle with product consistency, product quality and the unsettling problems/fluctuations in electrical control panel boards supplied to them due to poor quality and shelf life. Elegant Power Systems proven quality and user friendly products has given its customers a permanent solution to over come all the above problems along with on-site and off-site service to its customers. Being Electrical Control Panel Boards building is our core focus, and quite simply, is what we do day in and day out.

Elegant Power Systems Analyses, Designs, Fabricates, Assembles, Wires, and Functionally tests complete range of its manufactured products ranging from simple control panel to multi-level control panel systems. Our portfolio covers a broad range of panel types, and includes:

  • Motor Control Centre(MCC), Power Control Centre(PCC), Auto Mains Failure Panel, Thyristor Drives Panel, Reverse Power Relay Panels(RPR Panels)
  • DG AMF Panel, DG Synchronizing Panels, Distribution Board, Inverter Drives Panel, Control and Relay Panel, SCADA Panels, Operator Control Desks
  • Capacitor Panels, Meter Panels, PLC Panels, LT Panel, LT Breaker Panel, Generator Control Panel, Change Over Panel, Control Stations
  • Ac Distribution Board(ACDB), DC Distribution Board(DCDB), Array Junction Box(AJB), Remote Control Center, APFC, PV Solar Panels
  • ATS Panels, Busducts, Feeder Pillar, Pump Control Cubicle, Fan Control Cubicle, PLC Panels, Coupler Panel, Control Desk, Junction Boxes

Why We Were Chosen!

You will be pleased to know that we are an established professionally managed manufacturer for more than 14 years serving the Indian Market with High Quality Electrical Control Panel Boards. Our products are marketed under the brand name of " Elegant Power SystemsTM ".

All the products of the company are manufactured as per the Indian quality standards and can compete with their counterparts. The company ensures that the products are monitored at each stage of production for quality, to ensure that only the best products leave the factory. The company's electrical panels are high in quality, performance and durability.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, our panels are tested and approved by CPRI (Central Power Research Institute) to deliver quality products and ensure that the service support of all these products is provided with efficiency and promptness. Time frame & timely delivery is yet another feature that has made us a leading manufacturer in this Industry. We are open to all forms of suggestions and feedback that can help us in enhancing the features of our products and work flawlessly for our customer’s satisfaction in providing a quality product.

We are specialized in all types of LT & HT Panels. We have adequate experience in the field of Electrical Control Panels.We have got the background of successfully executed prestigious projects with esteemed customers/consultants like TATA Power Solar Systems Ltd,Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Nitesh Estates, ABB Ltd, L&T Tech Park, JSW Energy Ltd, Sterling & Wilson Powergen Ltd, Micronova Impex Pvt Ltd, Alstom India, Engineers India Limited, Reliance Infocom Limited, KUWSSB, MECON etc.We have got good engineering, manufacturing and PLC Automation skills as we are well trained & leading panel builders in Bengaluru.We have in-house Cadd facility with well-trained technical staff.We are confident of successful execution of any type of electrical control panel work.
We have registered our Company under Ministry of Corporate Affairs bearing Corporate Identity Number U36999KA2017PTC104636. We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company. Our Certificate No.TIC/15210 dated 14th March 2018.We have got tested our panels at CPRI for IP65, IP55, IP21 & Temperature Rise Test. Our Certificate numbers are as hereunder:

♦ IP65 – 080EATDIP17S0044 dated 22 Feb 2017

♦ IP55 – 179EATDIP13S0082 dated 11 Mar 2013

♦ IP21 – 158EATDIP13S0073 dated 01 Mar 2013

♦ Temperature Rise Test – DCCD – 14414 dated 25 Feb 2015
a) Building» Factory is situated at industrial shed measuring 4800 sq ft.
b) Transport & communication» The area is well connected to Bengaluru City by road and it has all modern communication facilities.
c) Test Equipments»

♦ Loading transformer
♦ HV kit upto 30 kV
♦ Megger 1000 volts

♦ Multimeters
♦ Clamp meters
♦ DC test bench (upto110V)
d) Type of Testing» All in house testing facilities are available in our factory, as per Indian Standards required for LT Panels.

Elegant Power SystemsTM Products

Motor Control Centre

This section includes the requirements for 600V-class low voltage motor control centers (MCCs) for use on alternating current power systems.


ACDB/ DCDB are an important part of SPV system for distribution and to provide extra electrical protection to the system during failures. AC distribution box provides protection in Load AC side during failures. ACDB incorporates isolators, breaker, voltage and current monitoring etc. It have provision for surge protection also inside along with fuses to ensure maximum protection to the sophisticated electronic equipment.

DG AMF Panel, DG Synchronizing Panels

DG AMF Panel. Automatic mains failure (AMF) panels – also referred to as automatic transfer switch (ATS) panels – make the power switch to emergency in the event of a significant loss of mains power or total blackout.

Capacitor Panels, Metering Panels

Our capacitor panels monitor the power factor of various electrical systems and are efficient in lowering electricity costs. Metering cubicle shall comply with the requirements of Indian Electricity Rules 1956 & as per relevant Indian Standards.

Operator Control Desks

Operator Control Desks are designed to support requirements for dedicated manual control and immediate response time to equipment and production line operations. Typical applications include large-scale, complex industrial environments such as nuclear power and steel-making blast furnaces where there are high operational risks and the need for enhanced safety precaution. Elegant Power Systems builds Operator Control Desks to clients design & specifications.

SCADA Panels

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) panels provide supervisory control and data acquisition for oversight of multiple process areas within a large manufacturing or industrial facility. Elegant’s SCADA panels can be found in most industry sectors.

Power Control Centre

Power Control Centre is considered to be the heart of an electrical system in any industry. Therefore it shall offer users long term reliability, safety, low maintenance & testing time.

ATS Panels

These programmable settings for relative phase angle difference, frequency, and voltage difference are made in the ATS controller . Our ATS panels are specified by the size in amps and the required control module.

PLC Panels

The PLC components are mounted in the center of the panel. Either one or two lower din-rails provide mounting for all field terminal blocks. Covered wireway is provided for all internal and field wiring.


Busbar Trunking System (BBT) in electrical construction, uses to transporting electrical power to a shorter distance but many utilization point, say, within the building or a compound of facilities. Though cables can also be used in these areas, their economic impact would be high if compared to the effective Busbar Trunking System. It will help us to tap power directly from where we want it to be and make utilize to the service point.

Control Stations

For industrial process and manufacturing environments where there are requirements for local control application, Elegant manufactures a variety of control stations such as E-Stop Boxes, Start-Stop Boxes, Fault-Reset Boxes, Yellow Control Stations, and hand-held control stations.

VFD Control Panels

A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is a motor controller that varies the frequency and voltage supplied to an electric motor. A VFD panel can extend equipment life by providing protection from issues such as overloads, phase protection, under and overvoltage conditions, etc.

We manufacture and supply various types of Electrical Control Panel Boards such as Motor Control Centre(MCC), Power Control Centre(PCC), Auto Mains Failure Panel, Thyristor Drives Panel, Reverse Power Relay Panels(RPR Panels), DG AMF Panel, DG Synchronizing Panels, Distribution Board, Inverter Drives Panel, Control and Relay Panel, SCADA Panels, Operator Control Desks, Capacitor Panels, Meter Panels, PLC Panels, LT Panel, LT Breaker Panel, Generator Control Panel, Change Over Panel, Control Stations, Ac Distribution Board(ACDB), DC Distribution Board(DCDB), Array Junction Box(AJB), Remote Control Center, APFC, PV Solar Panels, ATS Panels, Busducts, Feeder Pillar, Pump Control Cubicle, Fan Control Cubicle, PLC Panels, Coupler Panel, Control Desk, Junction Boxes.

Let's Work Together!
To Build Quality Products


Elegant Power SystemsTM Has Worked Flawlessly To Produce Quality & Satisfactory Products In Its Journey


Major Customers

Elegant Power Systems & Controls Pvt Ltd

Major Projects Executed

♦ 1250 kVA AMF Panel for St John’s Medical College.
♦ LT Distribution Boards for Ion Idea, ACS, ITPL.
♦ LT Distribution Boards to Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru.
♦ 2 Nos Distribution panels for Rollostar.
♦ 80KVAR APFC panel to Canara Bank, Mangaluru.
♦ Motor Control Centers for Muralisesh Enviro Engineers, Bangalore.
♦ 30 kVA & 50 kVA AMF Panel for DeBeers India Pvt Ltd.
♦ UPS Input and Output Panel, Distribution Panel, Star Delta Starter Panel for AOL at Diamond District.
♦ Main LT Panel for Micro labs.
♦ 500 kVA AMF Panel for HAL, Bangalore.
♦ 62.5 kVA AMF Panel with 5 Auto Changeover to Delta Lab, Bangalore.
♦ EB-DG Changeover panels for 12RES Generator for various sites.
♦ 200 kVA AMF Panel for SAJ.
♦ 3 x 500 kVA AMF panel for AAI.
♦ LT Panels for ACS, Cochin.
♦ LT Panels for Manipal Accunova.
♦ LT Panels for Infinera Software.
♦ 2 x 500 kVA DG Auto synchronizing & auto load sharing panel for Honeywell software, Madurai.
♦ PLC based DG Auto synchronizing & auto load sharing panel for Keyocera Software, Global Village Technology Park.
♦ LT Distribution Panel (Outdoor type) for NAL, Bangalore.
♦ 320, 500 kVA AMF panel for HAL, Bangalore.
♦ LT Panels for ACS, ITPL, Bangalore.
♦ LT Panels for VET college, Yelahanka.
♦ LT Panels for Jayams health care, Bangalore.
♦ LT Panels for Navayug InfoTech, Hyderabad.
♦ LT Panels for Massai Retail, Bangalore.
♦ LT Panels for National Instruments, Bangalore.
♦ LT Panels for Vaswani Builders (Vaswani Apartment), Bangalore.
♦ 380kVA AMF Panel for Macmillan India Ltd, Bangalore.
♦ 160, 250kVA AMF Panel for CPWD.
♦ EB DG change over panel to Laxmi forge.
♦ 1250KVA AMF panel & 2000 aluminium busduct to World Bank Chennai.
♦ 2 x 200KVA AMF Panel & LT Panels to MSC of Hutch, Port Blair.
♦ LT Panels for Dell India Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore.
♦ 25 - 300KVAR many no of APFCR Panels to K.Dhandapani & Co, Bangalore.
♦ LT panels to Ascedas-ITPL, Bangalore.
♦ LT panels to Mass active.
♦ LT panels Accenture, IBM, Sun micro Systems.
♦ 400KVAR & 85KVAR APFC panel to I-Flex solutions, Bangalore.
♦ LT Distribution Panels to MSC of Hutch, Hubli.
♦ Control Desk for 4 DG control for Airport Authority of India.
♦ 3 X 500KVA DG AMF cum Auto Synchronizing + Auto Load Sharing Panel, Main LT panel a/c National Centre for Biological studies, GKVK campus, Bangalore.
♦ LT Panels for Shanthi Sagar Apartment , Indiranagar.
♦ 2 X 1500 KVA DG synchronizing Panel with SCADA facility for Infotech.
♦ LT Panels for Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Helicopter Division, Bangalore.
♦ Solar Control Panels for Tata BP Solar India Limited, Bangalore.
♦ Control panels for SunTechnic Energy Systems Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.
♦ LT Panel for Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.
♦ Automatic Controlled Lighting Distribution Panel for Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Helicopter Division, Bangalore.
♦ Capacitor panels for Toyota Kirloskar Motors Ltd.
♦ 220V DC Field Circuit Breaker Panel for BHEL.
♦ Adopter Panels & Aluminium Busducts for JSW, Bellary.
♦ DG Synchronising Panel for Quest Belgaum.
♦ 40KVA, 82.5KVA, 125KVA & 250KVA AMF Panels and 1x250KVA & 1x380KVA DG Synchronising Panels to Swiss Town, Devanahalli.
♦ Terminal boxes for DG Sets for Prestige Shanthinikethan.
♦ 3200A Busduct for Denso Kirloskar.
♦ 2 x 500 Kva DG Auto synchronizing and load sharing panel for A S Cargo.
♦ Air Heater Control Panels for Namadhari Seeds Pvt Ltd.
♦ 226 Nos of Array Junction Boxes for Tata BP Solar India Ltd.
♦ 1 x 500 Kva & 1 x 1000 kva DG Auto synchronizing and load sharing panel for Kenexa, Vizag.
♦ 200 Nos of 48V, 6kw Control panels for Suntechnics Energy Systems Pvt Ltd.
♦ 4 nos of Adapter boxes for HP.
♦ LT Panels for IBM at Manyatha Techpark, Bangalore.
♦ Main LT Panel for Audi Showroom, Hosur Road.
♦ 320KVA AMF Panel & 30KVA AMF Panel for ISRO, LPSC, Bangalore.
♦ 4 Nos. of 500KVA AMF Panels for Lanco Hills Technology Park Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad.
♦ LT Kiosk for Sigma Soft Tech Park, Whitefield, Bangalore.
♦ 2 nos of 2 x 380KVA DG Synchronizing Panels for Lanco Hills Technology Park Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad.
♦ 1x500kva & 1x380kva DG synchronizing Panel & 2x250kva DG Synchronizing Panels for Hypermart.
♦ 1010KVA DG AMF cum Synchronizing Panel for GAIL.
♦ 2x500KVA DG Synchorinizing Panel, Capacitor panel, 2 nos of HVAC Panel, UPS Panel, AHU Panels and Lift panel for DMG, Bangalore.
♦ 250KVA DG Synchorinizing Panel for Swisstown, Devanahalli.
♦ 3200A Aluminium Busduct for JSW Energy Ltd, Bellary.
♦ Main Lt Panel, HVAC Panel, Capacitor Panel, SMSB Raw Power panel, SMSB Lighting Panel, UPS panel and Lift panel for KSPHC, Bangalore.
♦ Starter Panels and Capacitor Panel for Ascendas, ITPL, Bangalore.
♦ DG Isolator Panel, PDU Panels and LT Panel for Netmagic Solutions Pvt Ltd, ITPL, Bangalore.
♦ LT Panels for Nitesh Central Park & David Camp Projects, Nitesh Estates, Bangalore.
♦ LT Panels for Volvo, Hoskote.
♦ VFD Panels for Goldmann Sachs.
♦ VFD Panels for Aqua Sub Engineering, Coimbatore.
♦ Starter Panels for Information Technology Park Limited, Bangalore.
♦ Main LT Panel cum AMF with PLC & 200 KVA APFC Panel for Airport Authority of India, Mangalore.
♦ LT Panel, PCC Panels, MLRP Panels, 100 KVAR APFC Panel for Aero Treatment, Tumkur.
♦ LT Panel with 120KVAR APFC for Page Industries.
♦ Soft Starter Panel for ESSEN Electricals Bangalore.
♦ MDP, UPS output panel, APFC Panel for Q Burst Technologies Kochi.
♦ LT Panel & 200KVA AMF Panel for SPI Pharma.
♦ LT panels for IDI Designs Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.
♦ 450KVA DG AMF cum Manual Synchronising Panel for Bhel Hyderabad.
♦ 350HP SRIM Starter Panel for Hartex Rubber Pvt Ltd Hyderabad.
♦ LT Panels for Embassy Oasis.
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