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Elegant Power Systems and Controls Pvt Ltd is one among the ISO 9001:2015 Certified and NABCB Accredited electrical control panel builder having its operation in Bengaluru. Whether your needs are project-based or looking for own use or industrial use panels, we are focused on optimizing your total cost of ownership.

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Why We Were Chosen!

You will be pleased to know that we are an established professionally managed manufacturer for more than 12 years serving the Indian Market with High Quality Electrical Control Panel Boards. Our products are marketed under the brand name of "Elegant Power Systems".

All the products of the company are manufactured as per the Indian quality standards and can compete with their counterparts. The company ensures that the products are monitored at each stage of production for quality, to ensure that only the best products leave the factory. The company's electrical panels are high in quality, performance and durability.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, our panels are tested and approved by CPRI (Central Power Research Institute) to deliver quality products and ensure that the service support of all these products is provided with efficiency and promptness. Time frame & timely delivery is yet another feature that has made us a leading manufacturer in this Industry. We are open to all forms of suggestions and feedback that can help us in enhancing the features of our products and work flawlessly for our customer’s satisfaction in providing a quality product.

We are specialized in all types of LT Panels. We have adequate experience in the field of DG sets.We have got the background of successfully executed prestigious DG projects with esteemed customers/consultants like Alstom India, Engineers India Limited, Reliance Infocom Limited, KUWSSB, MECON etc.We have got good engineering, manufacturing and PLC Automation skills as we are well trained & leading panel builders in Bengaluru.We have in-house Cadd facility with well-trained technical staff.We are confident of successful execution of any type of electrical panel work.
We have registered our Company under Ministry of Corporate Affairs bearing Corporate Identity Number U36999KA2017PTC104636. We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company. Our Certificate No.TIC/15210 dated 14th March 2018.We have got tested our panels at CPRI for IP65, IP55, IP21 & Temperature Rise Test. Our Certificate numbers are as hereunder:

♦ IP65 – 080EATDIP17S0044 dated 22 Feb 2017

♦ IP55 – 179EATDIP13S0082 dated 11 Mar 2013

♦ IP21 – 158EATDIP13S0073 dated 01 Mar 2013

♦ Temperature Rise Test – DCCD – 14414 dated 25 Feb 2015
a) Building» Factory is situated at industrial shed measuring 4800 sq ft.
b) Transport & communication» The area is well connected to Bengaluru City by road and it has all modern communication facilities.
c) Test Equipments»

♦ Loading transformer
♦ HV kit upto 30 kV
♦ Megger 1000 volts

♦ Multimeters
♦ Clamp meters
♦ DC test bench (upto110V)
d) Type of Testing» All in house testing facilities are available in our factory, as per Indian Standards required for LT Panels.

Elegant Power Systems Products

Motor Control Centre

This section includes the requirements for 600V-class low voltage motor control centers (MCCs) for use on alternating current power systems.


ACDB/ DCDB are an important part of SPV system to provide extra electrical protection to the system during failures. AC distribution box provides protection in Load AC side during failures. ACDB incorporates isolators, breaker, voltage and current monitoring etc. It have provision for surge protection also inside along with fuses to ensure maximum protection to the sophisticated electronic equipment.

DG AMF Panel, DG Synchronizing Panels

DG AMF Panel. Automatic mains failure (AMF) panels – also referred to as automatic transfer switch (ATS) panels – make the power switch to emergency in the event of a significant loss of mains power or total blackout.

Capacitor Panels, Metering Panels

Our capacitor panels monitor the power factor of various electrical systems and are efficient in lowering electricity costs. Metering cubicle shall comply with the requirements of Indian Electricity Rules 1956 & as per relevant Indian Standards.

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